Felixstowe Area Local Bus Timetables and Information  

Felixstowe Area Local Bus Routes Timetables
 75-76-76A-77-77A Felixstowe - Walton - Trimley to Ipswich To View Timetable Click Here             
 75-76-76A-77-77A Ipswich to Trimley - Walton - Felixstowe  To View Timetable Click Here  
 75  Trimley- Walton- Central Felixstowe - Grange Farm  To View Timetable Click Here   
 76  Trimley - Walton - Central Felixstowe - Old Felixstowe To View Timetable Click Here   
 77  Trimley - Walton - Central Felixstowe - Languard Fort To View Timetable Click Here   
163 Ipswich- Nacton-  Levington - Ipswich To View Timetable Click Here  
173-174 Felixstowe - Walton -Trimley- Kirton - Martlesham - Woodbridge To View Timetable Click Here   
173-174 Trimley - Walton - Central Felixstowe - Old Felixstowe To View Timetable Click Here  
72-179 Ipswich - Bucklesham - Kirton - Waldringfield - Martlesham - Woodbridge To View Timetable Click Here   
School Bus Timetable Felixstowe-Ipswich/Woodbridge/Kesgrave/Suffolk OneTo View Timetable Click Here   
Summer Only Bus Routes   
248 Felixstowe Open Top Bus (Operates Wednesday & Sundays July/August 2015)To View Timetable Click Here 

 Felixstowe Area Local Bus Routes Service Alterations

Whippet Coaches (Summer Service D Cambridge-Felixstowe)
Service has been withdrawn 
Fareline Bus & Coach Services (Summer Service 170 Diss-Felixstowe)
Service has been withdrawn 
August Bank Holiday Monday 31 August 2015
First Routes 75 76 77
Sunday service operating on routes 75 & 77 
No Service on routes 72 163 173 174 179

First Ipswich Routes 75 After 19:00 (Friday 31 July until Friday 7 August)
Due to the closure of Spring Rd in Ipswich between 19:00 and 05:00 The 75 will operate to/from Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station via Foxhall Road and will not serve Ipswich Hospital  


  Felixstowe Area Local Bus Routes Information
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